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A messenger bot is simply a program that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to chat with potential customers. Simply put, these automated bots know what is being requested and can then formulate an appropriate response in a very natural manner. This technology has been around for quite some time but it has only recently started to be utilized by marketers and other online business owners. This form of automation will allow businesses the ability to interact with potential customers on an even deeper level through their web experiences. In fact, marketers may soon find themselves at the mercy of their Facebook Messenger Bot over Messenger chats.

With this new form of automated technology, marketers will have a new tool to help them better serve their customers through their online messaging systems. Marketers are now able to provide personalized customer service through their website interfaces. They no longer have to resort to the traditional form of voice communication. The advent of automated bots that can answer customers' questions will allow marketers to fully control the levels of personalized messaging that they provide through their website interfaces. This will leave customers happy while still allowing the marketer to receive feedback on how well they are communicating via their automated bots.

What exactly is it that Messenger Bot provides businesses with? It is basically a way to use your web interface as though you were actually speaking into the microphone of a live customer service representative. This makes using your existing web messaging software as a means of providing live customer service much more viable for businesses. When a customer service representative speaks to a person who lives through a software interface similar to Messenger Bot, the person has instant access to an agent that speaks very similarly to them.

Messenger Bots also allows marketers to leverage their current customer service system by allowing them to extend it out to their Messenger Bot. Messenger Bot is essentially just another live chat application where marketers can create and store a large number of bot accounts that customers can chat with. Customers can then select from the bot accounts which ones they wish to be connected to in real-time. The ability to expand customer service with a bot that anyone can speak to gives marketers an unparalleled advantage over their competition.

The biggest advantage of using Messenger Bot however is that marketers get started with little investment compared to most other platforms. You can get started with a small seed of funds and many experts suggest that the first few thousand dollars to invest should be used to test out your idea. There is really no limit as to how many Bot accounts you can open as long as you have the resources to do so. You also have the option of hiring a graphic designer to design a custom look for your account, while also allowing your customer service reps to talk to people on your account in real-time.

In addition to the advantages discussed above, another benefit that is often overlooked is the fact that Messenger Bot allows for seamless customer support. When you are looking at different options for marketing you need to make sure that the platform that you choose gives you the ability to support your product or service. Many marketers who are looking to market their products on the web opt for social media platforms such as Facebook because it is easier to reach target customers. However, many marketers have realized that the best way to get customers is still through traditional methods such as radio, print, television, and yellow pages. With the help of a Messenger Bot account, customers can be quickly and easily supported no matter what niche of their business is in.

While you will find many different Facebook Messenger Bot options when you go to explore what it has to offer, one that stands out is Conversational Bot. This is one particular bot that allows you to talk to your customers without having to use any type of technology whatsoever. The way this works is that you can input a set of conversational questions that get your customer's response delivered to you automatically. For example, you could set a question such as, "What's your favorite type of pizza?" and then get the answer-back, "Pizza, I like all types". This provides you with two options; you can either provide the answer to a one-on-one type of setting or you can simply provide responses to a one-on-many type of setting.

Another way that this feature can benefit you is that it allows you to interact with your customers even after they have provided their responses. You can use a combination of features to track and gauge all of the responses that your Messenger Bot receives. These types of bots are great because they provide you with real-time analytics that allows you to get an idea of your real customer engagement rates. The best part about Messenger Bot is that it has the ability to be integrated with other programs such as Aweber and Getresponse. This means that you will have access to personalized mailings that give you the chance to notify your customers about new products, promotions, sales, etc. all through your automated email marketing engagement rates.

Using a Messenger Bot For Email Marketing Engagement Rates