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With many application revenue strategies available today (e.g. Freemium, paid subscriptions, advertisements, etc.), finding the best of your business is very difficult.

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You can use various tactics to reduce the risk of sales strategies:

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Track what your competition is doing

Your application is not the only one in its class. A reasonable way to find out which adjustment options are helping you is to check what money making techniques your direct competitors offer. Coincidentally, there is no need to rethink your strategy when most of them use such techniques.

As a developer or owner, are you asking about the effectiveness of your competitor's sales model or sales strategy? Are there any gaps that offer opportunities? Can you do something that can accelerate revenue increases?

Focus on your application first

Try to determine the best strategy for generating income by looking at its functions. Think about which monetization strategy will produce maximum profit. For example, if you have a music or video streaming application, use the in-app subscription model to better serve customers.

Define your target group

Analyze your application's target group. Who are you? What is your age group? What service do you like? What service do you want to pay? Keep in mind that consumers prefer to subscribe to services that only offer real value.

Ways To Identify The Right App Monetization Strategy In India