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Mobile cranes are among the most useful types of equipment for heavy industrial or construction projects. Mobile cranes are used for a variety of hoisting operations in all kinds of industries.

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Mobile crane has the following characteristics:

  • Is comprised of or is mounted on a non- or self-propelled crawler or wheel mounted mobile base.
  • Its primary function is to hoist or lower loads by means of tackle suspended from a boom.
  • Its boom is lattice or telescopic and able to be raised and lowered in the vertical plane and rotated from side to side in the horizontal plane.
  • The tackle is suspended from the boom and can be increased or diminished in length.
  • The crane uses an engine or motor to accomplish the above.

A mobile crane includes a conventional crawler crane, a conventional truck crane, an all-terrain crane, a hydraulic truck crane and a boom truck crane.

Hence, there will always be a great demand for these cranes. Over the years, the need for used mobile cranes has also increased. There are suppliers that also sell used cranes. If your budget is low then you must prefer to buy used cranes. But you must test these cranes before buying. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Mobile Cranes?
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