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To clean the exterior of your refrigerator, use a cloth dampened with soap and water to wipe the doors and sides of the refrigerator. Gently wipe off dust, oil, and mixture from the cover protecting the condenser.

You should also look for dirt, boxes, or other equipment that could block airflow to the refrigerator. Airflow is important in maintaining proper engine temperature. You can also look for the best commercial refrigeration case cleaning service through various websites.


Plain soap and water are sufficient for the interior of the refrigerator or freezer.  Be sure not to leave any puddles of water behind.

Using raw chemicals when cleaning the walk-in is not a good idea. Heavy chemicals tend to damage metal surfaces over time. However, if mold or mildew is present, make a diluted bleach-water mixture and clean with a rag or brush.

Door Gaskets

Check the door regularly to make sure the seal is working properly. Doors that do not close allow warm air to enter, causing condensation to form and making cooling the cabinet difficult.

The door seal can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a towel, soap, and water. If there is a crack, replace it immediately to avoid possible damage to the compressor.

If the seal is damaged, it must be replaced immediately to avoid damaging the door or overloading the condenser.

What Are The Tips For Commercial Refrigeration Cleaning?