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An activity tracker, or more commonly referred to as an exercise tracker, is basically a small, lightweight, easy to use gadget or software for tracking and recording the number of steps, calories burned, and in some instances heart rate. It is also a form of portable personal computer. There are many types of activity trackers available today.

Some of the most popular types of activity trackers are ones that provide a wide range of information, such as heart rate, distance traveled, calories burnt, distance walked, and other statistics as seen at These types of trackers are very popular with parents who want to monitor their children's activity and can be quite useful for athletes looking for a training partner. In addition, the popularity of activity trackers is not new and has been used by athletes for years. Some of the best activity trackers, such as Fitbit and Nike's Fuelband, have been popular accessories of major sports for decades.

Other activity trackers are designed primarily as toys. Some of these toys come with a built in computer and can perform basic tasks such as monitoring heart rate and calories burned. The other type of toy that is designed mainly to provide entertainment is called a Fit Tracker. These toys are usually sold separately, but many stores now sell them as a bundle. Some of the popular toys on the market include the Fit Sensor and the Fitbit Zip.

Many people, especially parents, use fitness trackers as a tool for teaching and educating their children about healthy lifestyles. There are now even activities based around the use of such trackers. There are programs that feature physical activity that are meant to educate children about how much physical activity they should have, and activities that involve watching television or playing video games and activities.

Exercise tracks are also used to motivate and support active people. People can set goals and use the activity trackers to keep track of their progress and can share it with others.

Trackers are not only designed to help people with fitness, but can also serve as great marketing tools. In some cases, trackers are marketed as gadgets used by celebrities. To find the best activity trackers, one can check the Internet or ask friends.

Some activity trackers, such as the Nike Fuelband, are designed to help with weight loss and are becoming more popular because of their durability. Others, such as the Fit Sensor and Fitbit Zip are designed to provide an activity based on the activity that the users would like to do. Tracking the user's activity is one way to encourage them to do more activities.

Trackers can be purchased either online or at stores. There are many different brands available, and they range in price from a few dollars up to several hundred. The best way to determine the tracker's quality is to read reviews and read user reviews, both online and in magazines. For the most part, the more reputable fitness trackers are much higher quality than the cheaper ones.

What Exactly Is A Fitness Tracker?