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In recent years, hydraulic presses have gained popularity. Machine technology has also advanced dramatically in the past decade. The automation system for machines is one example of this advancement.

Hydraulic presses, one of the most respected manufacturers, ensure the machines last a long time. The machine can be used for multiple purposes. You can know more about Hydraulic Press Machine via This article will inform you about the hydraulic press machine application.

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Hydraulic press machine application

1. Warm extrusion

Extrusion is the process of creating plastic deformation by applying a compressive force to materials. The popularity of warm extrusion is high. This involves heating materials at temperatures above room temperature, but below the crystallization peak. Heating the material will ensure it is easy to shape and form as needed.

2. Stretch draw forming

The greatest advantage of hydraulic press machine application to stretch draw forming is its versatility. This method can be used to transform metallic sheets or blanks into any shape that you need. This technique can be used to produce hollow, open-walled, thin-walled parts like spherical, cylindrical, and box-shaped parts.

3. Stamping and forming

For metallic plate parts, the stamping forming application hydraulic press is most useful. This method is also very popular in sectors that require metallic plates for their production processes.

Stamping forming is a great method because you can make many uniform plates in a very short time. It is important to understand that stamping forming involves two main processes: hot stamping, and cold stamping.


As you can see, the hydraulic press machine can use different methods for plastic deformation. Each technique has its advantages.

What Is The Best Hydraulic Press Machine Application?