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Do you have any reservations about wallpapering your room? Or have you found the ideal design but are concerned that it will appear too “busy” when applied to all four walls of your room? Instead, why not make a feature or accent wall? Continue reading to discover how to utilize black and grey wallpaper on a feature wall and to get some feature wall inspiration for your next project!

What is the definition of a feature wall?

A “feature wall” is a word used to describe a wall that stands out from the other walls in the room because it is unique. This wall is frequently the focal point of the room’s design, attracting the most attention. While space might have many feature walls, it’s typically better to stay with one so that it can be the design’s focal point. If you’re dealing with a feature wall for the first time, keep things simple by concentrating on one wall.

What to Look for When Choosing a Feature Wall

The first step in wallpapering a feature wall is to decide which partition you want to highlight. Choosing which section should be highlighted is crucial since it may make or break the room’s appearance. The challenging aspect is that some of the suggestions below contradict each other, so think about your room’s usage and size and what you want to achieve with your feature wall. Examine your surroundings and consider the following:

  1. The feature wall in front of the door:

As soon as people enter the room, they will notice the feature wall in front of them. Making an immediate visual impression will help to establish the room’s atmosphere.

  1. Sightline:

When you and your visitors are in the room, which way will you and your guests glance the most? It may be the wall opposite the couch in the living room, behind the TV, and the wall behind the sink and mirror in a powder room is most likely.

  1. The wall that goes well with your present decor:

Installing wallpaper just behind your bed’s headboard is an example of incorporating the feature wall into the room decor. Because the bed is generally the focal point of a bedroom, highlighting the wall behind it helps draw attention to that region. This choice may clash with the last tip’s sightline levels, so you must decide which design strategy is essential to you.

  1. Last but not least, while selecting a feature wall, keep the following in mind:

Consider what you want to achieve with your feature wall, whether you want it to be the space’s focal point or to complement other design elements. From a visual and design aspect, does the wall position make sense? Consider how the main wall’s wallpaper interacts with the other walls in the room, especially if you plan to paint them a different color.  Do you want to buy  best black and grey wallpaper for your home online, browse this website.


Of all, they are only suggestions; the essential thing is that you enjoy your space. Experiment with different shades and patterns of black and grey wallpaper.

What You Should Know About Feature Walls With Black And Grey Wallpaper