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Putting Greens are the new best way to practice your putting skills while in the comfort of your own home. They come in various shapes and sizes. There are two main types that cover straight green with one hole or more and classic green with up to six holes.

This mat can be placed outside or inside depending on where you want to practice. They are very weather resistant and most of them are made to be placed outside. You can buy the best green putting to practice golf via

The straight putting greens range from four to sixty feet long and are made out of high-quality plastic and foe turf.
It can be used at home or office for casual sessions or intense training sessions. Many people like to have one of these in their office to kill time or give something to their clients.

Classical green comes in various shapes and sizes. They can range from six feet up to fourteen twenty feet. Some laying green can be bigger and you can even make it specially made by some dealers. The size also determines the number of holes ranging from three to six. Most green lips contain six holes.

This green is mostly intended for external use and is built to resist most weather conditions. Green is present in various shapes and sizes but has two different types, flat screen and platform appointed. Although the raised platform tends to have better quality, they also need assembly and recommend two people for these activities. While lay flats only need to be launched and ready to use.

Overall, portable green must be owned by amateurs and even pro golfers. Show off your skills to your friends with a course to put it in the room or bring it out with a larger model; When it comes to putting you can’t do much better than practicing in your own home.

Why You Need Indoor Mats For Golf Practice