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The WHO has already told us that we might have to survive within the COVID-19 situation for a long time now. This makes sanitizing, social distancing, and face masks an inseparable part of our lives if we want to stay safe at the time of a global pandemic.

Yea. That’s bad! We all want to go out in a chic dress with that red matte on. The happiness we used to get in getting decked up seems to have vanished as there’s no point in doing it when you have to cover your face.

There are again here for the rescue with beautiful designer face masks which you’d be more than happy to don and which might even compliment your outfits. It might even prevent us from doing something like this!

designer face masks

But first, let’s see if its right to trade surgical masks for fashion.

Why Designer Face Masks?

Many people have embraced the trend of fashionable masks wholeheartedly.

But there are some people who find it offensive to connect fashion with the basic amenities we need at the time of a global crisis.

But after thorough research and unbiased thought on the topic, we conclude that it’s not the wrong thing to wear fashionable masks, instead, it has a lot of benefits.

Let us tell you why.

Sanitisers and face masks are running out of stock. This is especially difficult for the medical staff running out on protective supplies when they have to deal with the situation very closely along with the caretakers of the coronavirus patients.

Though earlier there was an open distribution of surgical masks to common people, CDC has now issued guidelines which state that surgical and medical-grade masks must be reserved for patients and medical staff. The CDC now recommends that common people must use cloth masks while getting out in public.

In the end, masks are for the protection of those around you. It decreases the chances of an infection spreading from you which can be effectively handled by a cloth mask too.

Now if the boring surgical masks are the monotony of those who need them the most, what’s wrong in styling up the normal cloth face mask with some interesting designs or embroidery? Why not be safe while being easy on the eye?

Our face is the primary mode of self-expression we have. We are identified with our face which has to be covered now. Wearing a decorative face mask which looks cute would make little difference for such a terrible situation but that little would only be good. It might at the least make some of us feel like a normal human than just a potential source of disease.

Plus, it can elevate your mood or of the ones who see it on you as it removes the stigma out of wearing a mask. Then why not buy one now?

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